How You Can Make the Most Out of Your New Fixer-Upper Home

Buying a new home is an exciting opportunity! Settling into a new living space can be a surprisingly self-affirming experience, especially if you’re taking that huge leap of buying and moving into your very first home. And while buying a new home can be exciting, it’s often true that we don’t always get to move into quite the house of our dreams.

Sometimes a house just needs a little bit of love before it can become exactly what it’s meant to be. Not only is fixing up your home a great way to really make it your own, but you can also save some money on the initial sale, if you manage to play your financial “wheeling and dealing” cards right. And on a more emotional level, fixing up your home can be a great bonding experience, bringing you closer to your partner and/or family as you work together to make your living space into a true home.

Consider an External Garage

If your home doesn’t already have one, the external space provided by a garage can go a pretty long way. Consider building an external garage next to your home, which you can use for any number of purposes. It can help you keep your car and other valuables safe, in addition to giving you a place to neatly store larger items that might be hard to fit elsewhere. You can also use the space for other activities in the future, whether you want to set up a home office or an at-home gym.

The materials you choose for building your external garage should be determined by the demands that will be placed on it by the climate and weather in your area. It’s worth noting that in just about any scenario, steel is a great choice in that it’s cost-effective and incredibly sturdy, at the very same time.

Respect the Roof

Roof repairs are easy to neglect, mostly because the roof is can be difficult to access and inspect. Still, roofs take damage more steadily and consistently than most parts of the house, and a leak can be particularly damaging.

If you’re going to make repairs yourself, be sure to stay safe and harness yourself to something stationery so you don’t fall and hurt yourself. The materials you choose should be dictated by the weather in your area — you’ll need to use more heavy-duty materials if you live in a part of the country that sees a lot of rainfall, for example.

Look Out for Leaks

Leaks are one of the more insidious little issues that can come along with a fixer-upper. A leak in the home can be difficult to find, but even just a tiny bit of water can cause mold or wreak havoc on the materials making up your home.

Hire a leak detection expert to check out the waterproofing on your house, paying specific attention to areas like windows and doors, where cracks and intrusions are most likely to form.

Have Fun Repairing Your Fixer-Upper

When it comes to working on a new home, make sure to remember to enjoy yourself. You’re building a living space in which you and your loved ones will live for many years! Staying safe and saving money are always important, but you’ll make memories that last a lifetime if you bond with your family while doing so.

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