Cost-Efficient Ways That Couples Can Decorate Their First Home Together

Many Americans decide to cohabit with a significant other. While this used to be a move reserved for those who were married, these days some 67% of people who are currently married cohabited with their partner first. This is a great way to test the waters and see what day-to-day life might be like together. That said, moving in together isn’t always a breeze. There are challenges to overcome, such as reconciling differing schedules, finding enough storage space for two in a single shared home—and establishing an interior design that fits both your and your partner’s tastes. You don’t have to spend loads of money on brand new furnishings and aesthetic touches in order to address this last point. Read on to find out how you can decorate your space for two affordably. 

Spruce up your shared space with an affordable DIY paint job

One of the easiest ways to spruce up a space is to give it a new coat of paint. Whether you’re moving into a new home together or one of you is moving in with the other, freshly painted walls can make you both feel at home. Choose a color that you are both happy with at your local paint store. Rely on Canva’s color wheel to find shades that match your existing furniture, curtains, and other interior elements. You don’t want to have to buy new furniture because you decided to paint your walls a color that doesn’t match your existing goods. You don’t have to pay for professional painters; do the job yourself by following simple DIY steps. Buy a tarp to protect your floors from splatter, get a paint roller and pan, and make sure to properly ventilate as you go.

Make room for two by creating storage space cheaply

When you combine your possessions with your significant other’s, you may find yourself running out of room quickly. Instead of renting a pricey storage space, look for innovative ways to expand your space at home. You can build more storage by creating a closet at the base of a staircase, for example, or take advantage of high ceilings by adding shelving from top to bottom. If you still don’t have enough room, consider paring down your belongings. You can donate items to charity, for example. This is especially useful if you have duplicate items after joining forces under one roof—such as a second television set, coffee maker, or blender. 

Look online for deals on household goods

Even when combining your possessions, you might not have everything for your new home. There also may simply be items that you want to upgrade. Get rid of your ratty old towels and get some plush, fresh ones. Upgrade your morning coffee routine by splurging on a high-end espresso maker. Create a cozy bed for two with fresh, silky linens you both love. You don’t have to pay big money for these tweaks. Bed Bath & Beyond is one retailer that offers a huge variety of products at reasonable prices. Save even more money by using a Bed Bath & Beyond promo code or other deal.

Create your own art instead of splurging on pricey pieces

It’s the aesthetic touches that really make a house feel like home. That doesn’t mean that you have to spring for pricey art, however. You can get affordable prints online via sites like Zazzles. You and your significant other can even make your own art! Find a local paint and sip class and enjoy an evening of drinking wine and painting. Alternatively you can make eye-catching and personalized photo collages, bringing together all of your favorite memories. All you have to pay for is some photo prints and a large frame. 

Follow the above tips and you and your significant other will enjoy a smooth moving in process. Before long, you’ll have a beautifully decorated home where you both feel at ease. Best of all, you’ll have accomplished it without stressing about money.

Photo via Pixabay